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We have a range of classes which are suitable for all different age groups, starting from just age 2! To find out when these classes take place, please see our Times and Dates page.

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My First Dance Class Preparatory Ballet and Tap

Where it all begins

A gentle introduction to movement, rhythm and basic ballet technique for pre-schoolers and reception aged children. Join us on our bespoke preparatory programme which builds on confidence, performance and love of dance.

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Ballet Dance Classes


The foundation

Led by Principal, Anna, our ballet classes provide a strong foundation for all styles of dance. Classes are available for ages 2+, following the IDTA classical ballet syllabus, but following a bespoke structure to build strength, mobility and performance. Students are also given the opportunity to study pointe work from the age of 12 following a pre-pointe assessment

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Dance Shows at Springs Dance Academy


The strength

Jazz combines the strong, technical base of ballet with new rhythms and techniques to a wide variety of music. Learn to kick, turn, leap and jump, as well as develop a confident sense of performance.

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Tap Dance Classes at Springs Dance Academy


The rhythm

Led by Assistant Principal, Mandy, our tap classes build on basic tap technique to create exciting rhythms and movements. We pride ourselves on the provision of high quality, technical tap classes.

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The feeling

Our contemporary classes combine techniques from contemporary practitioners such as Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham. This class is available for ages 7+ to enable students to develop in a different style which enables them to combine classical technique with a release of emotion and feeling.

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Acro Dance Classes


The flexibility

Our acro classes follow the Acrobatic Arts syllabus. Acro seamlessly combines dance techique with acrobatic movements, such as handstands, cartwheels, walkovers and aerials. Acro allows children to develop strength and flexibility as well as an education on how to protect the growing body to avoid injury. Dancers must attend dance classes with us and take acro as an additional subject.

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Springs Dance Academy performing on stage


The sass

Our commercial classes combine elements of street, hip hop and funk to create a class full of energy and fun-filled choreography.

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Springs Dance Academy dancers performing on stage

Musical Theatre

The personality

Our musical theatre classes combine dance, singing and drama. Classes are structured to provide opportunities for students to devise their own work as well as working together to create complete performances. We study a different musical every half term.

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Adult Dance Classes

Dance Fitness

The next step

Our dance fitness classes are perfect for adults looking for a full body workout without the need for a gym! This is a high energy dance fitness class, for something gentler try our adult ballet class.

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Any kind of dancing is better than no dancing at all.

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